Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AccuWeather: Atlantic Basin 'ready to boil over'

 Even though the National Hurricane Center has reduced the chances that a tropical wave in the Caribbean will turn into anything more to worry about, AccuWeather.com sees trouble coming soon for the Atlantic Basin, which includes the Gulf of Mexico.

Here's part of an e-mail we received earlier today:
(B)ased on the overall weather pattern and ideas from several computer models, the odds are increasing for tropical cyclone formation in the western Atlantic Basin before the end of the month.

At the very least, a period of rough seas and strong thunderstorms will affect part of the Gulf of Mexico next week.

AccuWeather.com Hurricane and Long Range Expert Meteorologist Joe Bastardi assimilates the current weather pattern in the Atlantic Basin to a "tropical brew that is ready to boil over."

Water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and the Southwest Atlantic are already very warm, compared to normal.

Tropical waves of low pressure rolling westward from Africa are already very active and are progressively becoming more vigorous.

One wave, bound to cause trouble, is currently drifting slowly westward through the central Caribbean and will deliver gusty, drenching thunderstorms to Hispaniola, where Haiti is located, into Wednesday.
There is an abundance of showers and thunderstorms in the Caribbean, which represents plenty of "potential energy" for tropical cyclone formation.

Some computer models are developing the tropical wave in the Caribbean later this week.

These models go so far as to spin up the first tropical storm of the Atlantic season. At least one of these models develops a hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico between the 28th and 30th.

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