Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's in store for Cat. 4 Igor?

Igor is a monster Category 4 hurricane this afternoon and it’s on a path that could take it dangerously close to Bermuda this weekend, reports AccuWeather.com.

Live on the island or soon traveling there? Take heed, watch your forecasts and be ready to take appropriate action.

Through the end of the week, Igor will remain a powerful storm over the open waters of the Atlantic, passing well north of the Leeward Islands, but still bringing increased waves and swells to the region.

Forecasts call for Igor to remain a Category 4 hurricane over the next day or two.

It should weaken toward the weekend as it starts moving over cooler waters and into stronger wind shear.

Whenever and wherever it passes by Bermuda on Friday night into early Saturday, it’s expected to be at Category 2 or Category 3 strength.

Damaging winds, flooding, rain, extremely rough surf and a storm surge could all be major problems for the island if Igor passes close enough, reports AccuWeather.com, which adds that will be especially true if the eye tracks just to the west of Bermuda, putting the island in the right front quadrant of the storm, where winds are strongest and the storm surge is highest.

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