Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bermuda square in Igor's path

The five-day forecast track for Hurricane Igor doesn't bode well for Bermuda. The Category 4 storm's projected path passes just to the east of the island.

But even a glancing blow from Igor is expected to be painful. Why? This storm is huge.

Tropical storm-force winds extend 225 miles from the center of circulation, but it's more than that. Check out this story from the Weather Channel's website. It reports that Igor's cirrus cloud canopy is equivalent to the distance of Dallas to New York City.

Another concern: Although Igor is expected to dropped in strength, it is expected to grow in size.

For now, Bermuda can just watch and wait. Until Sunday. That's when Igor is expected to strike or make that glancing blow.

Read the Bermuda Sun newspaper's latest Igor story here.

Find video of Igor from the International Space Station here.

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