Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Most active part of hurricane season nears

AccuWeather Chief Hurricane Expert Joe Bastardi is still predicting the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season to be a major one with a significant increase in tropical development just around the corner.

The most active part of hurricane season typically hits Aug. 20 to Sept. 11, annd ther are several features of concern for tropical development across the Atlantic Basin, writes Heather Buchman, meteorologist for

The Hurricane Center is most concerned about a disturbance moving off the west coast of Africa and a tropical wave located just west of the Cape Verde Islands.

Computer models continue to show one of these features developing into a significant tropical system as they head westward across the Atlantic through the early part of next week. Meteorologist Mark Mancuso says this system will bear watching for people along the East Coast of the U.S.

This system could also be the start of what Bastardi calls "an upcoming frenzy of storms, days with two or three storms on the chart."

Bastardi is still forecasting an above-average hurricane season with 18-21 named storms and at least eight impacts on the U.S.

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