Monday, August 23, 2010

Danielle 'likely' to be hurricane tonight or Tuesday

This just in from AccuWeather:

Chief Hurricane Expert Joe Bastardi has been predicting this 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season to ramp up
starting Aug. 20, and the tropics are doing just that. Bastardi still expects a "frenzy of activity" in the coming weeks.

Since Aug. 20, we've already had one named system form in the Atlantic Basin. A tropical wave that moved from the Caribbean into the Eastern Pacific also became a named storm over the weekend.

The Hurricane Center is also monitoring the potential for several more new systems to form over the Atlantic Basin this week.


Tropical Depression 6 developed over the central Atlantic Saturday and strengthened into Tropical Storm Danielle Sunday afternoon. Danielle will likely become a hurricane tonight or Tuesday and could even strengthen into a major hurricane toward the end of the week.

Fortunately, odds are against a direct impact on the U.S. Danielle is expected to stay over water this week, passing well north and east of the Lesser Antilles then curving northward over the western Atlantic. This type of path could, however, put Bermuda and Newfoundland at risk.


Another area of disturbed weather that just moved off the west coast of Africa could soon become the next named storm of the 2010 Atlantic Season.

This feature is currently battling dry air to its north. If it can overcome that dry air, the system could develop into Tropical Storm Earl. Computer models show this storm taking a path similar to Danielle.

More developments possible in Gulf

A cold front projected to move into the northern Gulf of Mexico later this week could help to spin up yet another tropical system.

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