Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving on to Canada

Hurricane Bill certainly has churned up the surf on the Eastern Seaboard. It didn't help matters that he took longer than expected to take his north-northeast turn.
As of 11 a.m., the storm was packing Cat. 1-force winds of 85 mph and was located 90 miles south-southwest of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He's cooking at a speed of 33 mph and could make direct strikes tonight on Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, respectively.
This is still a BIG storm: Hurricane-force still extend out 85 miles from the center and tropical-storm force winds 290 miles.
Some of Bill's impact:
* According to the Associated Press, 3,700 customers lost electricity in Bermuda. Some roads, as well, were flooded along the northern coast.
* According to Newsday, the beaches of Robert Moses State Park on the south short of Long Island were closed Saturday because high tide helped blanket the sand completely with water.
* There were 8- to 10-foot waves along the Jersey Shore on Saturday.

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