Friday, August 21, 2009

Eye on Bill

As we write, Hurricane Bill (max. sustained winds of 105 mph at 11 p.m.) is shooting the gap between Bermuda and the East Coast of the United States.

Bill's center is about 180 miles west-southwest of Bermuda, putting the island well within range of tropical-storm force winds. The beaches on the west side of Bermuda are likely taking a good beating right now.

The latest forecast track has Bill boomeranging around Bermuda, heading hard and fast in a northeasterly direction after that, coming nowhere near the mainland of the United States. Rip currents along the East Coast are expected, however.

With that said, Bill's outer cloud bands ironically are kissing the Outer Banks of North Carolina at this hour.

Oh, almost forgot. What happened to Bill and Hillary? They got out of Dodge well ahead of the storm, taking their vacation to an undisclosed location.

-- News Editor Brent Conklin

1 comment:

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