Friday, August 26, 2011

11 p.m. Irene update: Closing in on Outer Banks

Details as Hurricane Irene makes its way toward a U.S. landfall:

* Irene is a Cat. 2 with 100 mph winds and pressure of 951 mb.

* It's eased up on forward speed to 13 mph, heading north-northeast.

* It is 140 miles south of Cape Lookout, N.C.

* The forecast track now has Irene clipping the Outer Banks, then staying out over the ocean until slamming into Long Island at the Nassau-Suffolk county line.

* No strengthening is expected before landfall with North Carolina, although a decrease in strength is likely before another landfall up the Eastern Seaboard.

* Hurricane-force winds extend 90 miles from the center of circulation. Tropical storm-force winds extend out 290 miles.

Get a good glimpse of where Irene is at right now here.

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